Welcome to NeuralSEM.com!

We have scanned thousands of searches in the google search engine, downloaded data (codes) of tens of thousands of pages from the TOP. Based on these data, with the help of a neural network (a unique development of our company), for the first time Could determine the importance of the parameters of internal optimization and calculate them to the nearest hundredths of a percent!

Only we, can now accurately show which element of the page and how important it is to get into the top search engine. All hypothetical theories about the importance of this or that element on the page now disappear by themselves!

The neural network model is the most important in this calculation. It can determine the relevance and importance of the parameters Internal optimization for a good ranking in the search engines.

We calculated on more than 40 parameters important for SEO and determined their influence, determined in percent and with an accuracy of hundredths!

Having checked any of the standard pages of your site with the help of the service NeuralSEM.com, you can get a report about what the page lacks To hit the top-1 search engine on a specific request. Correcting errors and adding your pages to the appropriate code, You can be sure of the correct internal optimization of the page for entering the TOP.

The system is automatically updated in real time. You can observe this on the graphs of the importance change Each of the parameters of internal optimization.